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In the summer of 2002, the studio had the opportunity to contribute its skills to the production of two important full-length feature films: Mambo Italiano and The Barbarian Invasions (Les invasions barbares). In tight collaboration with the art directors, set dressers and props masters, Steve has the pleasure to enter a realm where the ulimate goal was no longer to sell a product, but to create a fictional –yet plausible– universe as conceived by the writer, director and production designer. Cinema graphics, by their very nature, must be true to the given context. Far from being an exercise in aesthetics, we wish here to characterize a place, a time, or a notion. If the result is beautiful, it is only because beauty was called for.

These aspects of cinema graphics are most evident in a "period film", where research –not only in terms of design, but also into the materials which were used– are of a particular interest and fascination to the enthusiastic and committed explorer and offers a glimpse into the history of commercial artistry.

A near-complete filmography can be viewed at IMDB.


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