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Studio Lézard was founded in 1990 by Steve Louis. It has continued ever since as a small independent studio, supporting a limited but loyal clientele, taking on collaborators as required for particular projects.

The studio's small scale is a result of our desire for better control and quality and the ability to offer more personalized attentive service, always ready to accommodate a client's specific needs. Past projects have been diverse and wide-ranging. Always adaptable and ready to deal with new challenges, Studio Lézard has taken on projects both small and humble, large and prestigious.

Our approach to design is, at first, an exploration. We grasp the spirit and nature of the assignment by asking abundant, probing questions to acquire a solid knowledge of the project and its scope; we strive to absorb the client's knowledge, opinions and image in relation to the defined objectives.

At the heart of our commitment the will to communicate is primary. The graphic response must always be aimed at achieving the desired results.

To live and work as a graphic designer is indeed a privilege. The pleasure inherent in the ethos and practice of design and the ever-changing subjects presented for reflection are the rewards.


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